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Introducing Data Engine

With Data Engine from Periscope Data, teams get the flexibility to utilize the benefits of multiple warehouse integrations, customizing their tech stack for maximum efficiency. Customers can use Data Engine to:

  • Improve analysis queries, easily perform cross-database joins and materialize views for better performance
  • Increase productivity by focusing on critical analysis instead of spending resources managing several technology stacks 
  • Optimize their data ingestion and analysis further with the integration of additional storage solutions

Customized data infrastructure to fit your analytics workload

With Data Engine, data teams get the optimal performance for every workload. The flexibility to use Snowflake, Redshift or other infrastructure gives you a choice to customize your tech stack for maximum efficiency.

The Best Technology, Tailored for Every Workload

Get faster query performance and data ingestion at scale for any kind of workload regardless of concurrency, size or complexity.

Faster Queries

Spend time helping your business make better decisions instead of managing multiple tech stacks for different workloads.

Scale Your Productivity

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